manhatten works

Manhattan Works houses the specialist division of JTC Furniture Group which gives the group a total of over 30,000 sq m (320,000 sq ft) of production space, warehousing, finished goods storage and offices.

The specialist manufacturing equipment is primarily suited to the production of furniture for the healthcare, education and accommodation markets.

fast response

Our knowledge and expertise in materials stretches from the mass production of melamine faced board to the finest wood veneer work.

We work with high pressure laminates, solid acrylic surfaces, solid grade laminate plus a variety of other materials that can be used in the manufacture of cabinets, worktops, furniture, wall panels and specialist products.

Using the latest computer controlled saws and routers, the vast majority of manufacturing involves laminated components which are bored, shaped and edged then assembled into high quality units ready for stock or immediate delivery.

We consistently hold stocks of components and finished goods in order to cater for the needs of our partners who demand a fast turnaround response to manufacturing orders.

FActory facilities

  • Capacity of 60,000 Carcase Panels per Week
  • Manufacture 250 Cabinets per Hour
  • JTC Employs around 300 People
  • Partnerships with Major Contractors
  • We Supply Furniture Across the UK