camperdown works

Camperdown Works is our Head Office; situated near Camperdown Park in Dundee we operate around 28,000 sq m of space where the volume production of kitchen cabinets and doors takes place. With an output of an average kitchen every 2 minutes we have invested in industry standard machinery designed to produce kitchens to the highest quality levels at a rate to satisfy even the most demanding markets.

Factory Facilities

We keep stock of thousands of doors, cabinet components, worktops, appliances and all the thousands of fittings and fixtures required to assemble a complete kitchen.

Each kitchen cabinet is completely hand assembled and inspected. The vast majority of competed units are 100% rigid cabinets (rather than flat pack or partially assembled) so that the units are complete, the doors are correctly hung and aligned and the handles are attached before careful packaging and dispatch.

Worktops are cut to determined lengths, the ends can be shaped, mitred or finished according to specification.

Of course we also supply a wide range of appliances which are required to complete a kitchen layout. We have special arrangements with many of the top hob, oven and white goods manufacturers so that we can supply the latest products quickly and efficiently so that when we deliver a kitchen it arrives complete and ready for installation. 

Camperdown Works was built for use by Timex in the 1950s and is a historical landmark in Dundee situated just off the famous Kingsway which gives us quick access to the UK motorway network.