We work with top European companies in the development of new kitchen, bedroom and bathroom furniture designs. Our brand EUROPA is leading the way in the KBB market with one of the broadest range of door types and the largest range of cabinet types.  In addition to the products we supply; we offer a full project development service involving the surveying of properties, liaising with tenants and programming the installations. The tenant liaison processes developed by JTC are both comprehensive and technically excellent.




The supply of kitchen units into social housing markets begins with our tenant kitchen consultation (survey) process. We have a highly developed routine which has been adapted over a number of years to be perfectly suited to RSLs throughout the UK. The system is comprehensive and the complete documentation of tenant liaison is captured on our bespoke software system which allows total visibility to our customers.

Whether the design is for social housing or retail design, the same technology is employed with the difference being in the intricacy of the catalogue used in the layout. Our 20:20 Fusion software is highly developed and offers our complete range of kitchens in any layout which is required and can be rendered in full 3D colour for a photo-realistic representation of your new kitchen.

Of course our designers are in touch will all the latest design trends in interiors and will take you through the whole range of products available in Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom designs.