5D Virtual Environment

Ground breaking computer design and engineering technologies of Virtual Simulation and Virtual Manufacturing have helped our project engineers to create your project on screen long before a panel is even cut!



conception to reality

The new design language that incorporates Virtual Simulation and Virtual Manufacturing to take a project from conception to reality, uses advances in modern computer power and sophisticated rendering programmes, to create ‘fly through’ simulations and layouts which can be stripped back to reveal every small component detail.

Leading to improved overall quality and a rapid sign-off of design, Virtual Simulation eliminates the need for test installations and allows everyone to understand how components in a room layout interact. Using Virtual Manufacturing we understand that when a product is finally constructed that it will work; validating what we already know and allow us to develop areas that are still unresolved.

Our uniquely developed Virtual Simulation/Virtual Manufacturing 5D process software allows us to work on all the components required to construct your furniture – on screen and to eventually translate that information directly into a manufacturing model. This leads to significant gains in craftsmanship quality, production efficiency and long term serviceability of your installation.