We aim to offer the most practical, beautiful, most durable and easiest to manufacture, deliver and install solution at the lowest possible cost.

Over a large number of years we have developed and produced ranges of modular fitted furniture designed to meet the needs of all types of accommodation from students to the MOD. Projects have been designed and delivered in close co-operation with some of the major accommodation providers to provide durable, cost effective solutions which are attractive yet functional.

We have built up a unique competence in our design capability with our design engineers being able to take a space and a specification to develop fully engineered solutions which allow clients to fully visualise and cost their projects.

EFFICIENT cost effective SUPPLY

Whilst superficially the supply of modular furniture may seem uncomplicated and rather simple for any company to achieve, we however believe that after many years of supplying companies with many different products and having satisfied the demands for supply using many different methods we have learned all the tricks in the book.

We have now gained the experience and wisdom of many years working in close cooperation with our partners.

One of the most important areas of development in order to provide furniture at the lowest possible cost and at the highest possible specification is in design for efficiency. 

Therefore we have built up our competence in our design capability with a full department of design engineers who will take your first sketch or floor plan and help you develop your requirements to a stage where a full ‘fly through’ simulation can be developed.

This front end design focus is the key to being able to provide cost effective design which of course will lead to the lowest possible cost solution. We will gladly lend our experience in design to demonstrate what works & to develop new solutions to new challenges so that we design low cost into the project.

Because our products are factory built there is no requirement for high skill levels during installation, there is no waste on site and all products are fully inspected and complete and signed off before they leave the factory so there is no snagging required.

At JTC we are used to the complexity of furniture procurement and we have several specialist partners we turn to for assistance in areas where real intimate knowledge of certain requirements brings real advantage.

As a client, you are not interested in managing the process of bringing all these elements together when a company like JTC has the skill and experience to ensure that all the knowledge of specialist manufacturers and trades are brought together to the maximum benefit of the project. 

Factory production line manufacture means that we can offer fast accurate production routines which allow us to offer products quickly and at the low cost expected from bulk production.