The furniture we create is amongst the best in the world. 

Not all producers of raw materials can meet our exacting standards and that is why we are totally committed to developing lasting and mutually beneficial relationships with those manufacturers who have the technology and capability to be able to meet our expectations. 


The new JTC Supplier Excellence Programme is the outcome of extensive collaboration with prospective suppliers and their parent companies, many of whom have extensive experience of excellence programmes of their own and who welcome our shared value approach.

"We are proud to say that our top ten major suppliers meet our exacting demands for certification both for quality and for environmental performance. It is our plan and my intention that in the near future all of our major suppliers will meet our criteria and I am excited about the positive impact that will have on our business and the implications for our customers across the UK.

In the pages of this website you can find out more about the principles and practices of our Supplier Excellence Program, what makes it different and what we aim to achieve.

In particular we welcome a similar approach for partnership working with our own customers and we look forward to developing many fruitful relationships as our industry reacts to internal and external demands for increased sustainability and superior performance."


Donald Chalmers, Purchasing Director