JTC Recommences Kitchen Surveys

JTC Survey Procedures

Prior to arriving at your property our surveyor will call to ensure there are no changes in your health.

Our surveyor will have photo ID.

We ask that all internal doors that the surveyor is required to walk through are left open.

On arrival the surveyor will knock on the door and stand 2m back (If possible) and await entry.

Our surveyors will be wearing masks and gloves as standard PPE.

Please allow the surveyors socially distancing space to carry out the survey.

Our surveyor will ask specific questions regarding new appliances etc.

Our surveyor has been provided with wipes and cleaner and will wipe any surfaces they touch.

Please have a pen handy in case we require a signature on our paperwork.

Our surveyor may only do a hand drawing in your property and then email the finalised plan to you for approval.

JTC will require a contact telephone number and email address at time of booking appointment.

JTC Furniture Kitchen Surveys

JTC Furniture Kitchen Surveys

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