Sustainable development to us means a commitment to the well-being of our employees and a responsible environmental performance. 

We have adopted comprehensive Safety, Health and Environmental policies and will report regularly on our SHE performance. We will continue to review and develop this policy.

In a commercial world we seek mutual benefit in our relationships with customers, partners and suppliers. 

We aim to be a supplier and partner of choice.

The following considerations guide our approach to sustainable development:


We strictly apply our safety policy in all our operations whether in our factories our on our contractors’ sites. We strive to prevent fatalities, work-related injuries and health impairment of employees or contractors.


We recognise the need for environmental stewardship to minimise consumption of natural resources and waste generation and to minimise the impact of our operations on the environment. We are committed to playing a full role in maintaining sustainable development and have implemented an environmental policy in support of this goal.

Environmental management covers a wide range of issues such as timber purchasing, energy use, solvent use, packaging and wood waste. We are members of Club Green by FIRA which is an environmental accreditation which demonstrates our genuine commitment to environmental management.

Our suppliers play a major role in our environmental performance and when we buy goods and services we aim to do so in a way which minimises impact on the environment. We ensure that our suppliers share our commitment to continuous environmental improvement and we strive to work with only the very best environmentally performing companies which comply with ISO14001. Since our products are largely wood based we ensure that they are procured from companies which offer sustainability accreditation to the highest standards.


We are committed to the principles of sustainable development, by which we mean making the right choices balance between economic and environmental development. At all times we strive to use best practice.