The Group recognises the importance of having a positive corporate social responsibility approach. In no area is this more important than in Health and Safety.

We operate in an industry where accidents too frequently occur on construction sites and where manufacturing is concerned there are also inherent dangers. 

Therefore we are committed to seeking to develop safe working conditions in which the risk of a potential accident is identified and actions taken to manage that risk. An active employee consulting forum meets regularly to assist in the communication of Health and Safety issues.


JTC Board of Directors recognises and acknowledges the fundamental importance of health and safety in all its activities. We have a dedicated Health and Safety Manager who sits on the health and safety committees and who is responsible for the development of a positive culture throughout the organisation.

We constantly review health and safety management and performance in accordance with the objectives identified by the Group’s policy statement with the systematic identification and management of risks to health and safety forming its core.

We also aim to provide information, instruction, training, supervision and consultation to employees, subcontractors and clients as necessary to implement and maintain industry best practice across all areas of health and safety with our policy widely promoted via team meetings and notices.

There is a zero tolerance of both incidents and injuries, sustained through rigorous near miss reporting and the development of a behavioural based approach to promote positive action.

A majority of our Group employees hold the appropriate Construction Skills Certification Scheme (‘CSCS’) card and we are currently working towards 100% coverage.


We report our safety performance to the authorities and also internally so that the focus on this topic is not lost. Every near miss reported is fully investigated and positive action taken to ensure that such an occasion can never develop into a future accident.

The Group has significantly reduced the occurrence of incidents over the past five years and the numbers of reported accidents/incidents have been reduced through a number of pro active safety management initiatives.

OHSAS 18001

We have been assessed and awarded Club 18001 Health & Safety Certification designed by FIRA (Furniture Industry Research Association); aimed at companies in the furniture and timber industries. The scheme is operated by sectoral experts in health and safety management. This has led to JTC being ready for OHSAS assessment in the near future.   

Our divisions also employ external consultants to regularly monitor employees for symptoms indicating any disorder related to working practices, such as impaired hearing.


On starting with JTC every employee is given a Health and Safety induction. An employee handbook is provided giving details of the Health and Safety information necessary to allow them to work safely.

Ongoing training needs are identified by respective department supervisors/managers and using this training matrix we assess internal and external training courses. These encompass a wide range of training issues including manual handling, machine safety, forklift training, first-aid courses as well as more specific machine training and IT skills development.

Young people are particularly vulnerable due to their lack of experience and particular attention is paid to their induction because of their relative immaturity and unfamiliarity with the working environment. They are often unwilling to ask questions, fearing to expose their own inexperience.


All training received and all equipment or machinery an employee is subsequently authorised to operate is recorded in the employee’s Health and Safety Training Record and all employees are encouraged to discuss any training needs they may have with their supervisor.

No one is allowed to work at a woodworking machine unless they have had full training and they have been fully assessed and can demonstrate competence, including the adoption of safe working practices.

The authorisation will list only those machines and operations for which authorisation is given.