Above all we respect the honesty and integrity of our organisation. The high standards that have been with the Chalmers family, since the birth of our business, continue to be of the utmost importance; and the values they represent in continual demand and sought by our customers.


Working with JTC as a supplier or customer you will be pleasantly assured by the importance we place on the fostering of long term relationships. In a changing world many of our customers continue their loyal association with our organisation even upon changing company and developing their own reputation.

The advantage of working with us over the long term is that we will develop a heightened level of mutual understanding; assisting each other as we draw on each other’s strengths and capabilities. In the occasional moments of intense pressure we both recognise; the value of that relationship comes to the fore and you will have the confidence to know we will come through.


Our management teams enjoy a high degree of empowerment and freedom making decisions based on their knowledge and experience. Employees are encouraged to take part in shaping their individual roles and nurturing dynamism in a challenging and innovative environment. The formal organisation is structured in such a way as befits a company of our size, with many opportunities to take initiative and demonstrate excellence.